This Month We Thank Our Undies

While giving thanks for your loving family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate your most intimate supporter: your underwear.

Copy of thanksgiving_thankful stories6

“I’m thankful for underwear when…”


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“…I’m wearing lace boy shorts that are bigger than my running shorts and the lace shows. I end up being comfortable and fancy.”

– Amanda, Animal Loving #Underwoman


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“…It looks good when it accidentally shows in public (because my underwear is always showing when I bend over).”

– Sarah, Upstanding #Underwoman

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“…It’s in delicious cookie form.”
– Adine, Party Planning #Underwoman


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“…I’m salsa dancing and my skirt flips up- I’m thankful to have on a pair of cute underwear!”

– Nahry, Salsa Spinning #Underwoman


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“…Your friends pack extra. I was short a day’s worth of underwear on vacation and only packed dresses. A good friend had me (literally) covered.”

– Katie, Chief Panty Officer and #Underwoman




Team Underclub

And a HUGE thank you to our amazing #underwomen members and supporters for sharing their undie stories!

Are you giving enough thanks to your underwear drawer? Subscribe today and be thankful you did 😉 

The Lingerie Every Bride-to-Be Needs

Whether you’re looking for bachelorette gifts to line the lingerie twine, or to shower the bride-to-be with wedding lingerie, our newest gift set has you covered.

Let her know you’ve got her back(side) with the Underclub Bride-to-Be Gift that includes six selections of luxurious underwear for every special occasion ahead. Each pair comes individually gift wrapped with a hint for her to open when she needs…

1. Congratulations! 

Every bride-to-be needs a pair of wedding white to kick off the celebrations.

2. Something Nude

To pair with something light or something tight, this nude pair will have her (discreetly) covered when underwear lines are best left unseen.

3. Something “Girly”

This smoldering pair will give her that Feyoncé feeling to start girls’ night out feeling extra bootylicious.

4. Something Blue

A twist on the traditional lucky blue charm.

5. Something Sexy

Help her celebrate the nights after “I do” in a bodysuit guaranteed to bring out the “OOH’s!”

6. Something Fun

Reward all her wedding planning, moving, and shaking with a pair as beautiful and relaxing as her honeymoon plans.



The six pieces will be delivered in one order, with each pair gift wrapped individually in white bridal gift box (6 boxes total). Each box has a labeled description for the Bride-to-Be to open when she needs “Something Blue,” “Something Nude,” etc. The nude selection comes in your choice of light nude, dark nude or mocha.


10 Commandments for your underwear

There is no room in your life for settling, hoarding, or self-neglect, so why accept the unacceptable when it comes to your most intimate choices? The Underclub Team wrote these Ten Commandments of Underwear to help guide you towards greater self-confidence, and most importantly: alignment with your highest, sexiest self.

1. You shall value no other opinions higher than your own for your underwear selection

Your S.O. may love lace thongs and your sister might swear by boyshorts, but when it comes to your underwear, it’s your choice and yours alone. Hold your opinion about your underwear in the highest.

loryn brantz underwear

Loryn Brantz

2. You shall never worship just one underwear brand

We all have our go-to brands, but spice it up a little by trying out some new ones. You’ll find a variety of gorgeous styles to grace the altar that is your underwear drawer.

3. You shall not complain in vain about underwear that doesn’t fit. You shall fix it.

Just like clothing brands, not all underwear brands use the same size models- that means a “small” in one brand may be a “medium” in another. Don’t squeeze yourself into something too small or tight because of inconsistent vanity labels (Pro Tip: European brands generally run smaller).

vanitysizingIllustration by Jenna Josepher for Racked.

4. You shall not wear underwear that looks like a crime scene

It’s tempting to keep the underwear with the unfortunate period stain – just in case. Don’t do it.  We can’t guarantee new underwear will cure PMS, but ill-fitting or bad underwear can definitely make your mood worse.


5. Honor your mother and her request for clean underwear

That advice your mom gave you about always wearing clean underwear is sage. In the worst case you get hit by a bus… or find yourself at the center of an #undervention.

6. Remember laundry day, keep it holy

Never wear dirty underwear on the Sabbath…or Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday… or any day for that matter. Make sure you have enough good pairs that you won’t run out before laundry day.

7. You shall not commit commando…without knowing your other options

Going commando is freeing for some and a bacterial nightmare for others. Don’t worry, we have a solution for that: seamless underwear. You get the look of commando, without any of the worry.

8. You shall not steal glances in the locker room, hoping that no one notices your tattered underwear

There’s never a good time to wear underwear that you’re embarrassed about, not even for a sweaty workout. Do yourself a favor and commit to only wearing underwear that makes you feel like the boss you are.

loryn brantz underwear2Loryn Brantz

9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor about your new underwear habits

You’re not the only woman hoarding underwear she bought 10 years ago- you just don’t talk about it… yet. Let your girlfriends know that they deserve an underwear upgrade. There’s a club for that.

10. You shall not covet underwear ads, you shall invest in owning new pairs

Join Underclub and you can start building your own stash of covetable underwear. You’ll never have to break an underwear commandment again.


Which commandment are you guilty of breaking? Atone with an Underclub membership today and JOIN THE CLUB

Katie’s Corner: All Hands on Brand

A non-creative’s take on navigating the creative branding process.

Originally posted on Medium. This is part of a 12 month series by Underclub founder, Katie Fritts

I’ve been quiet the last several weeks because we had all hands on deck to launch our OFFICIAL UNDERCLUB BRANDING!

Untitled designUnderclub: Join the club that’s all about U.

A few months ago I received an incredible opportunity to work with the President of Berlin Cameron and her creative team for a holistic development of our brand for the first. time. ever. For those of you who know me, my background better lends itself to tackling financial and operational challenges, and Underclub’s very first logo looked like this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.19.22 PM.pngUnderclub’s first logo designed by yours truly in PowerPoint.

Working with Berlin Cameron throughout the full creative and branding journey was incredible. I got to flex new decision-making muscles that didn’t involve excel formulas and I learned to trust my gut more with big decisions.

Here are my 5 takeaways from the branding experience:

1. The creative process is surprisingly linear:

The first step was picking a logo, and then each design decision informed the next. I imagined we’d consider the logo and the font and the colors all at once as interchangeable pieces, but it was more like building a physical structure where you establish your foundation and build up from there.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.40.23 PMThe very first round of logos.

2. Stories are powerful

The new branding helped me clarify our story of the Underwomen. I feel a new kind of confidence making business decisions that build upon what we stand for and our personality- not only with questions around design and marketing, but also how we structure partnerships and allocate our merchandising buys.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.02.36 PM

3. Trust your gut

I rely on math for 100% of my decisions and constantly feared that I would feel the wrong feelings when it came to making design decisions. At first I would wait a few hours after every meeting to give any indication of feedback, but eventually came around to trusting (and speaking) my gut reaction to colors I had an immediate connection with or images that didn’t do it for me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.31.07 PM

4. Creative execution is calculated:

As we progressed with the design process, I delighted in seeing numerical guidelines to make our designs look good across every customer interaction with our brand (site, packaging, email and social media)- like our text tracking (how far the letters are spaced) and the exact hue of #UnderBlue.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.31.25 PM

5. It takes a village

To bring the brand work to life, we scouted a photographer and model, re-sourced packaging vendors, and implemented, tested and optimized the website. Pulling together these components moved at 100x the speed compared to when we didn’t have our branding under wraps.

IMG_2658Our amazing photographer and model, JT and Emily.

I am beyond excited about sharing the Underclub brand with everyone after all this hard work. Want to watch our brand in action? Here’s how:

Thank you SO MUCH to the Berlin Cameron team and everyone who has helped get us to where we are today. If your startup or company is interested in working with badass creatives, please reach out and I can put you in touch with the phenomenal team at Berlin Cameron.

Introducing Underclub’s Newest Brand – jKNIX


Underclub is pleased to welcome a beautiful new brand to its subscription service – jKNIX! Made with love in California, jKNIX are known for their vibrant and colorful intimates and loungewear. You may have seen their adorable pieces in fancy hotel boutiques during one of your tropical getaways.


So why do we love jKNIX? In addition to their seamless underwear, the brand’s pieces soften with every wash (say what?). This is made possible with their SewSmooth Technology fabric – finally, underwear that gets better with time! If that wasn’t appealing enough, each jKNIX undie has a moisture-wicking liner, which controls both moisture and odor. Wear your jKNIX for a night out on the town or when sweating it out at the gym!

Want your own pair of jKNIX? Subscribe to Underclub for must-have undies straight to your doorstep every month.

#FemaleFounder Series: Katie Fritts of Underclub


Our final installment in the #FemaleFounder Series features Underclub’s very own #GirlBoss, Katie Fritts! It’s been an exciting year for Katie, as the Underclub family – the team and subscribers – have grown and the brand has seen a many new developments, including the launch of The #Undervention (the brand’s first video). The Virginia native started her first business at age 7 selling her own artwork from her driveway and by going from door to door. Given her early signs of tenacious work ethic, it is unsurprising that Katie did absolutely everything herself when she first started Underclub – from packing each pair of underwear to cutting envelope liners! Today she is still incredibly hands on. Scroll for more on Underclub’s founder…

Our Top 3 Questions with Katie Fritts

What are your essentials for a productive day?

Getting a workout in! Going on a run or taking a class in the morning (or knowing that I have one to look forward to) is vital for me to take a mental break and focus on something entirely different. Working on my own company means there’s always something I can be doing, so there’s always something on my mind. Making sure I fit in an hour where my attention is focused on nailing a perfect (enough) plank or skipping over potholes on the street is the perfect distraction for me.

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given? 

To write down your accomplishments and what you’re proud of– don’t just take a mental note! It’s surprisingly easy to remember the “needs improvement” feedback and disregard all the great stuff. It’s super important for me to love what I’m doing, and it can definitely be stressful at times! Writing and referencing my list helps me put things into perspective during particularly strenuous times.

Describe your first feeling of success.

Really early on into starting Underclub, a writer from Cosmopolitan reached out to our generic Underclub email asking to pitch the idea to their editor for their Holiday Gift Guide- at the time I thought it was a prank or joke from a friend. Turns out it was real, and the next month (after performing a major website overhaul), we were up in their “Top Gifts to Give Yourself”! Huge confirmation of my idea after that happened.

For more on Katie Fritts and Underclub click here.

Tell us what you thought of the interview below!

Underclub’s First Video: Introducing The #Undervention

It’s here! Underclub releases its hilarious first video, The #Undervention. What’s an undervention you ask? Why it’s an underwear intervention for women who resort to wearing cringeworthy pairs of underwear from the bottom of their stash because everything else is in the wash.

Think you or someone you know can relate? Watch to find out:

Share your thoughts on The #Undervention below!