This Month We Thank Our Undies

While giving thanks for your loving family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate your most intimate supporter: your underwear.

Copy of thanksgiving_thankful stories6

“I’m thankful for underwear when…”


Copy of thanksgiving_thankful stories5


“…I’m wearing lace boy shorts that are bigger than my running shorts and the lace shows. I end up being comfortable and fancy.”

– Amanda, Animal Loving #Underwoman


Copy of thanksgiving_thankful stories


“…It looks good when it accidentally shows in public (because my underwear is always showing when I bend over).”

– Sarah, Upstanding #Underwoman

Copy of thanksgiving_thankful stories3



“…It’s in delicious cookie form.”
– Adine, Party Planning #Underwoman


Copy of thanksgiving_thankful stories4_v2 (1)


“…I’m salsa dancing and my skirt flips up- I’m thankful to have on a pair of cute underwear!”

– Nahry, Salsa Spinning #Underwoman


Copy of thanksgiving_thankful stories2


“…Your friends pack extra. I was short a day’s worth of underwear on vacation and only packed dresses. A good friend had me (literally) covered.”

– Katie, Chief Panty Officer and #Underwoman




Team Underclub

And a HUGE thank you to our amazing #underwomen members and supporters for sharing their undie stories!

Are you giving enough thanks to your underwear drawer? Subscribe today and be thankful you did 😉 

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