Everything you need to throw the ultimate halloween party

Source: Heidi Klum and Gigi Hadid, bravotv.com

It’s fall again and that means it’s nearly time for one of our favorite holidays – Halloween! Leave the trick-or-treating to the kids and throw an epic Halloween bash that people will still be talking about at Thanksgiving. From clever costumes inspired by our favorite underthings, to decoration tricks and scrumptious treats, we’ve got you covered, ghoulfriend.

Source: babble.com

1. Decorations that set the mood

Set the scene for an evening full of spooky magic by keeping the lighting low with tapered black candles and queueing up the Halloween hits on Spotify.  Simple black tablecloths, fake spider webbing suspended from the ceiling , and creative pumpkin skills go a long way to add a world of ghoulish glamour

Source: laurenconrad.com

2. Hauntingly delicious dood

If you’re going the dinner party route, leave a killer impression with dishes that double as decor. Highlight the All Hallow’s Eve theme with squid ink pasta and roasted garlic and cauliflower soup. For finger foods, sprinkle in themed spreads like “poison” candy apples, stuffed bell pepper jack-o-lanterns, and Dexter-inspired cupcakes.

Source: sugarandcharm.com

3. A signature brew to sip on

Serve up a cocktail that’s sure to be the center of attention like The Witch’s Heart for a delicious (and spooky) show, or make a pre-party batch of Hocus Pocus Punch that won’t have you mixing drinks all night. And for the angels who attend (a.k.a. The D.D.’s), you can make an extra batch of the Hocus Pocus Punch without the rum.

Source: Hocus Pocus, cinemablend.com

4. Wickedly fun activities

Build up the party’s energy with an elaborately themed murder mystery party, or kick off the night with a “Who Am I?” mix-and-mingle game. For the latter, write down characters from famous scary movies on index cards and tape one to each person’s back as they arrive. The goal is for each person to guess who their character is by asking each of the other party goers yes or no questions.

Source: Marlene Dietrich, devorahmacdonald.blogspot.co.uk

5. A killer costume, underwear-inspired, of course

If there was ever a good time to wear your underwear as (tasteful) outerwear, Halloween is it. A black leotard or some leopard print boyshorts will help you channel your inner Beyonce. Feeling adventurous? Put together a Circus Ringmaster costume, complete with red sequin shorts and striped stockings. Whatever you do, don’t be a basic witch.


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