Summer Bucket List

Source: Wanderlust + Co

Everything gets better in the summertime. The days get longer, the nights get warmer, and lounging around in your underwear is even more encouraged. As much as we love this time of year, it won’t be here forever. As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, and Fall will be here before we know it.

Don’t let your summer set without doing these 22 things.

1. Move it

Whether it’s the sun’s beams, the heat, or the absence of your bulky winter wardrobe, there’s something about the summer that makes it easier to get into shape. Make time to work out this summer. You’ll be happy you did.

2. Chase down an ice-cream man

Remember the absolute joy that accompanied the ting of the ice cream man’s jingle when you were little? Summer is the best time to tap into your inner child. The next time you hear the tune of the ice cream man coming up your street, grab your wallet and flag him down. We promise the ice cream still as delicious.

3. Bon fire + s’mores

One word for 19 ways of goodness: Yum.

4. Jump into a pool

Next time you’re at the pool, ditch your doubts and jump in cannon-ball style.

5. Watch the sunset

Nothing marks the end of a long summer day like a stunning sunset.

6. Wear white

Labor day will be here before you know it. We’re firm believers that you can rock white any time of the year,  but you might as well take advantage of the summer months to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe in that little white dress.

7. Take a risk with your hair

Some of the most adventurous hair changes take place in the summer. Just ask Taylor Swift, Victoria Beckham, Emma Stone or the countless other celebrities who decided to shake it up this summer.

8. Make a picnic

Pack up some sandwiches and savor the scenic sights of the great outdoors.

9. Explore locally

When you don’t have the time or money to go far, you can still fulfill your wanderlust and check out somewhere you’ve never been to. Stop at a new coffee shop on your way home from work, or spend the day exploring that trendy new neighborhood you’ve been hearing about.

10. Ride your bike

Nothing is as picturesque as riding a bike on a beautiful summer day.

11. Do nothing

Yes, you heard right. Do nothing. When was the last time you sat and listened to the birds chirp, or spent a stress free day in bed?

12. Eat watermelon

You can only get it for a little while, so enjoy!

13. Watch a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms can get scary fast, but they’re vivid and spectacular from the comfort of your patio. The next time it rains wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and watch the show.

14. Sip on cold brew coffee

Fun fact: Consumption of cold brew coffee grew 115% from 2014-2015, and it doesn’t show any sign of stopping. You find cold brew coffee pretty much anywhere this summer, so enjoy and grab yourself a cup.

15. Take a road trip

Whether you take a marathon road trip across the country or you plan to drive a few towns over. Get out of your town and explore what’s around you.

16. Get outside

Take advantage of the radiant weather and get out of the house. Whether you’re an avid hiker, or just feel like taking a stroll while you play some Pokémon go, soak up some Vitamin D and head outdoors. When you head back inside, check out our tips to recover from a day in the sun.

17. Create something

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of making something with your own hands. Use your time off to get crafty and creative with some friends. Not only will you have a new project and great memories, but you’ll have a souvenir of the summer of 2016. Need inspiration? Check out Brit + Co’s 15 Must-Make DIYs perfect for any summer day.

18. Go camping

It could be out in the wilderness, or even in your own backyard (we don’t judge a good glamping weekend). Either way, take some time to get in touch with your wild side.

19. Make your own popsicles

They’re healthy, delicious and perfect for a hot summer day. We are loving these Coconut Mojito ice pops.

20. Read a book

From The Great Gatsby to Modern Lovers, a lot of our favorite books are set in the summer months, making summer the best time of the year to grab a book and sprawl out in the sun.

21. Enjoy sangria

Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, make your own. It’s easy and is the perfect beverage for your carefree summer nights.

22. Have a summer romance- with yourself

When was the last time you were on a date with yourself? At the end of the day, your relationship with yourself is the most important. Get dressed up, and treat yourself out to a night on the town. Underclub will be there every step of the way. Take our Style Questionnaire to get matched with your next favorite pair.

Keep track of your adventures and Pin our summer checklist here


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