Beach, please. Your essentials for a day by the water

Photographer: Patrick Pilz

Summer is officially in full swing and there’s nothing like soaking up Vitamin D with a long day at the beach or the pool. While prolonged or unprotected exposure can wreak havoc on your body, getting smart on protecting yourself with these tips can go a long way. Here’s how:

1. Hydrate: The salt, wind and sun all have a way of drying you out. Hydration is essential to any beauty regimen, and it’s especially important after a day under the blazing summer sun. 

  • H2O up: We lose 1 to 2 liters of water a day just from breathing alone, and more than double that amount if you’re sweating or exercising. Drink. Lots. Of. Water.
  • Lather on that moisturizer: Pick an after-sun moisturizer with aloe, the “plant of immortality“. This miracle plant is key for cooling and hydrating your skin, especially those spots the sunscreen missed.

2. Refresh: Fun in the sun can drain your energy for later. Make sure to refuel and refresh so you’re ready for your next adventure.

  • Refresh your undergarments: Running around in a wet bathing suit isn’t only uncomfortable, the conditions down south facilitate bacterial growth that can increase your chances of getting a yeast infection or UTI. Need fresh bottoms? Use code SUMMERFUN this week only for 25% off your first month of Underclub.

3. Get ready to repeat: More summer sun in your future? Make sure you pay attention to protecting the less obvious parts of your body from the sun’s rays.

  • Love your locks: Although your hair isn’t technically a living entity, it can still get dry and brittle from the sun. Protect your head with a hat and follow up with recovery serum like Alterna Haircare’s Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray to help condition, detangle and help to restore your hair’s shine.
  • Toss the lipgloss: Unlike your skin, your lips don’t have melanin, the pigment that makes you tan when exposed to sun. Because your lips can’t protect themselves from the sun, toss shiny lip gloss and opt for matte lip balms with SPF.

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