4 Tips for Hosting the Best Bridal Shower

Source: Je T’aime Beauty via StyleMePretty.com

For obvious reasons, we love a good lingerie party. Although we personally believe every month is an opportunity to upgrade your intimates, a new underwear collection is a thoughtful gesture to help launch women into matrimony—not to mention a playful way to shower the blushing bride. Trade the typical bejeweled “Mrs” insignia, and make it an Underclub-themed party. We’ve rounded up some bridal shower ideas that have our stamp of approval.

Underclub Bridal Pinterest ideas
Source: WeddingChicks.com; Etsy

1. Keep it classy: Balance the naughty theme with classy decor. Spice up the festivities with suggestive phrases in a ladylike aesthetic, similar to this floral-adorned signage from Etsy.

2. Play with your food: Keep the puns going on the menu with a “pancakes and panties” brunch, or WeddingChicks.com’s “pink panty dropper” cocktail—which pairs perfectly with our signature underwear-shaped cookies.

3. Get on the guest list: The day is all about the bride-to-be, but consider engaging activities guests will equally enjoy. While this adventurous StyleMePretty.com shower featured a bridal party boudoir shoot, pampering at-home spa treatments are always a safe bet.

4. Be playful and practical: The panty game, which calls for guests to bring a pair of underwear that reflects their personalities and have the bride guess who brought what, is fun and all. However, instead of undies you like, give her styles she loves with a personalized Underclub subscription.

For even more bridal shower inspiration, browse our Pinterest board.


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