What Type of Bachelorette Are You?

Source: FameFlynet

We all have different ideas about what an ideal bachelorette party entails. For some, it’s the traditional Vegas takeover or visiting an equally glamorous city, such as New York or Paris (if you’re Kim K.). The more laid-back bride may prefer an under-the-radar escape, perhaps somewhere on a beach or a lakeside yoga retreat.

No matter what your style is, your single-girl sendoff should be tailored to your tastes—just like your underwear. Your friends may know how you like to let loose, but just how intimately do they know you?

Source: Underclub

To help your girl friends out (and save you from the trashy lingerie ritual), we’ve made it easy: Take our bachelorette personality quiz to determine your party style and get matched with the perfect favors.

Prefer the suspense? Send the quiz as a hint to the ladies in your life—we’ll keep the surprises coming month after month.

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or one of her maids, find the perfect gift here.


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