10 reasons your girl friends rock


1. You can text entirely in emojis, or just give them a look across a crowded room and they know exactly what you’re thinking.

2. #nojudgment. Ever. Girl friends get that sometimes you’re going to date that asshole, skip the gym or devour french fries for dinner. And they love you even more for it.

3. They are always up for a mani/pedi therapy session.

4. There’s a reason bottomless mimosa brunches were invented. Girl friends love getting tipsy over brunch and do not want the fun to end.

5. They are genuinely happy about your raise/promotion, engagement, new apartment, etc. and are the first to suggest celebrating.

6. The amount of organization and passion that they put into their jobs they also put into making plans. And they never bail.

7. Despite different styles and sizes, they somehow manage to share their wardrobe with you, totally refreshing your own.

8. They have no shame in holding your hand or hugging in public.

9. They will never post a photo in which you don’t look your 100% best. And they will confirm you are totally way more beautiful in person.

10. No matter how different your childhoods were, you can always relate because you both went through awkward puberty, challenging high school, wild college and all the other phases since.

Show your gal pals some love this Valentine’s Day by sending them an Underclub Gal-entine.




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