Underwear cookie recipe

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We had loads of requests after our holiday party for our underwear bum cookies. This recipe is a specialty of our Underwoman Caroline’s mother, who makes these year round in many different shapes. The underwear were perfect for our party and easy to recreate at home!


19 tbs butter
1 1/3 cup confectioners sugar
2 2/3 cup white flour


1 egg white
1 tbs lemon juice
Several cups of confectioners sugar

Cream butter and confectioners sugar.
Add  flour 1 cup at a time and then 2/3 cup at the end.
Roll in a ball and let cool in the fridge for a bit
Roll out on a floured surface so that they’re about 1/8in thick
Using a heart shaped cookie cutter for the initial shapes, cut out hearts and then use a knife to cut off the pointed end. Cook well spaced on a nonstick pan or use parchment. Set the timer for 10 minutes and watch them. If one starts to turn brown, take them out and let them keep cooking on the pan out of the oven. If nothing is golden, keep in but keep an eye on them. They will continue to cook on the pan, so it’s better to err on the side of underdone.
After 5 or so minutes on the pan, transfer to a cooling rack.
While cookies are cooling, whisk egg white and lemon juice together. Keep adding confectioners sugar to this to get the consistency you want. Thicker is better, it won’t run on the cookies. You can separate into smaller bowls to add food coloring, or just use white. IMG_9716.jpeg
Pour frosting into piping tubes or plastic bags with a small hole to frost away.
Let frosting harden before arranging on a platter or putting away in a tupperware.
Photo Dec 04, 8 40 54 AM.jpg
We recommend these with your morning coffee or tea, but they’re good any time of the day! 😉

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