Super last minute gift ideas

Put off holiday shopping for way too long?? The last thing you want to be doing is trekking through the mall on Christmas Eve. We’ve pulled together a list of amazing and unique holiday gifts that you can buy now, from the comfort of your computer, and write about the gift in a card to the lucky recipient. They’ll be psyched to receive the thoughtful present at home, when they’re suffering from the January downs. Happy holidays y’all!

Inline image 2

Everyone loves getting wine any time of the year, but One Hope helps make it even more special. In addition to bedazzling the bottles of sparkling wine, One Hope donates 15 meals for each bottle purchase to children in need. Now they won’t have a moral hangover to go with that traditional one. Available at many wine liquor retailers.

Even our “lactose intolerant” friends can’t say no to good cheese. For them, and everyone else, Cowgirl Creamery puts together a bunch of incredible cheese collections.

Your friend would never treat themselves to a day at the spa, but after Q4, they are in desperate need of a massage. Why not bring the masseuse to them? Zeel sends a licensed massage therapist to your friend so they can relax in the comfort of their own home. In several major cities.

Inline image 3

Does your friend love baked goods but you don’t know your way around a KitchenAid mixer? Send them a beautiful tin of rugelach from My Mother’s Delicacies (not MY mom, but our friend’s mom)! These are perfect for the days after Christmas when no one wants to make breakfast but needs a little bit of sugar to get through the day.
Obviously we couldn’t create this list without adding an Underclub subscription! The best way to get your girl something sexy (without offending her by choosing the wrong size) is by putting your trust in the hands of our stylist. After they’ve completed their questionnaire, they’ll get a perfect pair in the mail for as many months as you choose. Print out our gift card after purchase and she’ll think you’ve been planning this since Thanksgiving. 😉

PS, if she loves Underclub, we bet she’ll love Rocksbox or StichFix too! check them out!

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