How to Flatter your Body with These Underwear Tricks

Ever wonder what underwear can take you from feeling “meh” to “damn, I feel good!”? As an underwear subscription service that specializes in personalization, we are confident of the ins and outs of undergarment flattery and work to make sure our #Underwomen receive underwear that fits them perfectly.


— Your guide to the most flattering underwear styles for your body type —

For tummy troubles: regular or high-rise underwear can really slim and flatter your mid-section! Material like lace further works to compliment this often problematic area.

For shorter legs and torso: opt for high-cut briefs and regular thongs to elongate your legs! Want to lengthen and emphasize your mid-section? Rock some low-rise undies.

  • PRO TIP: Steer clear of boy shorts, which tend to make legs look shorter.

This flatters all body types: underwear with a wide waistband (like Cosabella’s Never say Never thong) is most flattering because it avoids digging into your sides. Hello, comfort!

Pear shaped (small waist with fuller hips and thighs): thongs are great for this shape because they don’t require fitting around fuller hips. Compliment your beautiful figure with a stretchy lace thong with a 2-3 inch waistband.

Want more underwear tips? Check out our 3 most comfortable underwear picks here.


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