7 Underwear Types You Need to Know

Have you ever gone underwear shopping and seen something labeled “bikini” and thought, “wait, I thought a bikini was a bathing suit”? Or have you ever been stumped by other underwear lingo such as “tanga” or “hipster”? This feeling of confusion will plague you no further — we’re here to help you crack this case of underwear jargon once and for all!


Psst! All the undie brands shown here are stocked by Underclub!

the briefThe Brief full bum coverage

boyshortThe Boy Short | the sexy version of the brief

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.28.39 PMThe Bikini | like a brief, but can be thin on the sides

hipsterundiesThe Hipster | perfect for smooth lines without the full coverage of a brief

thetangaThe Tanga | the thong with more coverage

thongThe Thong | great for no lines

gstringThe G-String | the barely there version of a thong

Tell us your favorite type of undies in the comments below!


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